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Brehm-Boucher Speaker Series: 

Dealing with Change

Spring 2023 Calendar of Events

John Kamm Profile.jpeg

John Kamm

Founder and Chairman, Dui Hua Foundation 

Former President, American Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

Title: US-China Relations, 1972-2023: Witness to History

Mary Cline_edited.jpg

Mary Cline

Senior Advisor, Geostrategic Business Group, EY

Kyle Lawless

Senior Advisor, Geostrategic Business Group, EY

Title: Political Risk 101:  How Understanding International Affairs Has Become a Business Imperative 

Marie Yovanovitch - Author Photo (credit Jennifer Watkins)_edited.jpg

The Honorable Marie Masha Yovanovitch

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukrainenstitute for Energy Studi

Topic:  A Discussion on the Situation in Ukraine

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