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Why Enroll in PSCI 2244-MUN?


"Living in the United States, it's very easy to get swept up in only those issues that affect our nation directly. Through MUN, we're able to consider issues like climate change and human rights that affect people throughout the world. Learning about these issues is the first step to creating positive solutions. It makes me a good global citizen, and I think that's important for everyone. 


College is what you make out of it. Your experiences will stand out more than your transcript. When you interview for a job, the most important thing you can have is stories — examples of how you’ve been shaped as a person and how you can contribute to the greater good. Look for things that interest you and harness that passion into opportunities to make your education as hands-on as possible."

- Liv Bissanti, Class of 2021


“Participating in the China National Model United Nations Conference was life-changing! I learned so much from being immersed in Chinese culture and history. Whether it was scaling the Great Wall of China, visiting the Wild Goose Pagoda, or seeing the Terracotta Warriors in person, I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience! Thank you to the Bartels, Dr. Haynes, and the U New Haven MUN program!" 

- Kristy Santana, Class of 2019



“Over the course of the semester, I learned how to express my ideas better and how to work with a team. The DC conference allowed me to meet different people from around the world and learn how the United Nations runs. I liked the aspect of team-building at the end of the day when we all came together and discussed strategy for the next session. I loved NMUN DC!”

- Victoria White, Class of 2017


“Participating in MUN for the first time, I was pretty terrified, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to grow as a student and a person and got a glimpse into the world of diplomacy. Being able to work with individuals from around the world was also incredibly interesting as well.”

 - Ryan Dougherty, Class of 2019

“At the conference we competed with students from around the world, creating solutions for global issues, but for also giving us the opportunity to make connections with important officials in D.C. We were also able to meet with the Ambassadors of Senegal and Liberia. This was an unforgettable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

-Cindy Zhunio, Class of 2019


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