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Washington, D.C.

Model G-20 Summit

 Postponed to Spring 2021  




New York City

    April 4-9, 2021    


The award-winning University of New Haven Model United Nations program began in the fall of 2014. Today, the program includes over 50 students from a diverse set of majors competing in 5 national conferences and organizing 3 high school MUN conferences each year. 

The foundation of the program is the MUN course (PSCI 2244). Its goal is to help students increase their global awareness and develop a variety of personal and professional skills.  Its focus on critical thinking, writing, reading, communication, networking, public speaking, interaction, and strategic skills gives students a competitive edge in the pursuit of a variety of careers and graduate programs.


Over the years, the UNewHaven MUN has grown from a student club to a professionally-run course and program allowing it to quickly rise in competitiveness and success. Today, the larger UNewHaven MUN program consists of a variety of endeavors including NMUN Washington D.C., Model G20, NMUN Czech Republic, ChargerMUN High School Conference each fall, and the Yale Int'l Policy Conference, NMUN New York, CrisisMUN High School Conference, ZMUN Conference, Spies & Lies Simulation, the MUN Summer Academy each spring/summer.


The program proudly boasts former alumni working for:

  • Members of Congress (Rep. Don Beyer, Rep. Frank Pallone, Rep. Jared Golden)

  • Think tanks (Wilson Center, Middle East Institute for Near East Policy)

  • Non-governmental organizations (US Institute of Peace, Pan-American Foundation) 

  • Multi-Nationals (Lockheed Martin, Finn Partners)

  • Consultancy firms (Normandy Group)

  • State legislators (Rep. Dorinda Borer)

  • Mayors (Mayor Nancy Rossi, Mayor Ed O'Brien)

  • Nat'l security firms (Booz Allen Hamilton, Securitas)

  • Federal gov't (Depts. pf State, Defense, Commerce)


Former students have also enrolled in top law & graduate schools such as Georgetown University, University of Virginia, Sciences Po University-Paris, George Mason University, Indiana University-Bloomington, University of Connecticut, Quinnipiac University & American University.


The MUN program is also proud to have received numerous outstanding delegation team awards and outstanding position paper and delegate individual awards at 15 consecutive National MUN conferences. 


The MUN course (PSCI 2244) is instructed by Dr. Chris Haynes and assisted by Dr. Howard Stoffer, Joseph Scollo, Dr. Alka Jauhari, Dr. Olena Lennon, Dr. Matthew Schmidt, Natalie Nicolas, and an executive board of student head delegates and officers. The course currently runs every Thursday from 7:05 pm - 11 pm in Maxcy Hall 226. Any and all visitors are welcome to attend.


Email chaynes@newhaven.edu for more information.

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MUN Zoom Info Sessions

Sept 8 @ 6 pm, Sept 11 @ 1 pm