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July 8-9, 2020


Dear Students:


We invite you to the 2020 Zoom Model United Nations (ZMUN) beginner's conference to be held via Zoom by the University of New Haven from 5 pm to 9 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, July 8 and 9, 2020.


The conference will run a simulation of a United Nations committee and discuss a current global issue. It will include special keynotes from individuals who have worked for the UN and in the diplomatic community.


While experienced delegates are certainly welcome, the conference is designed for students who are new to MUN. There will be college student guides in each working group to facilitate the process, give suggestions, and answer questions and the committee chair will take an educator's approach in running the simulation.


To register for ZMUN, please click here

Again, the event is free of charge and specifically designed for students with little to no Model UN experience. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!




Marissa Lehner

Secretary-General, ZMUN 2020

Vice-President of the University of New Haven         Model United Nations Program

National Security major

Dr. Chris Haynes

Associate Professor of Political Science &                 National Security at the University of New Haven

Director of the University of New Haven Model         United Nations Program

Board Member for the Washington D.C. National       Model United Nations



Event Details

Date - Wednesday & Thursday, July 8-9, 2020

Time - 5 pm to 9 pm each day

Location - University of New Haven MUN              Zoom Room


Student fee - FREE



Registration Deadline - July 5, 2020

To Register for ZMUN, click here

Contact Info

Questions or comments, please email me:

Conference Layout​

Committee Topic

Committee: United Nations Development Programme

- Topic: Global Response to Natural Disasters

- Committee Director: Shivani Patel

- Assistant Director: Laura Fruzzetti



Keynote Speakers


The Honorable Richard Boucher

   Former Ambassador to Cyprus

   Former Spokesperson, US State Department​

   Former Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

   Senior Fellow in International Relations and Public         Affairs, Brown University

Howard Stoffer, Ph.D.

   Former Deputy Executive Director of the Counter-         Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate of             the United Nations Security Council

   25-year Veteran of the US Foreign Service

   Associate Professor of National Security at the               University of New Haven

Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D.

   Director, B.A. Program in International Affairs 

   Associate Profesor of National Security &                       Political Science at the University of New Haven





Wed, July 8

5:00 pm - Registration and Opening Ceremony

5:45 pm - MUN for beginners workshop

6:30 pm - Dinner & Group Networking break

7:00 pm - Committee Session 1

7:50 pm - Reflection and Q & A Session

8:00 pm - Committee Session 2 

8:50 pm - Final announcements and Reflection

9:00 pm - End


Thurs, July 9

5:00 pm - Welcome back 

5:30 pm - Committee Session 3

6:20 pm - Dinner and Group Chat break

6:50 pm - Committee Session 4

7:20 pm - Signatory Break Outs

7:40 pm - Break

7:50 pm - Voting Bloc

8:00 pm - Working Group Reflection

8:10 pm - Closing Ceremony and Awards

8:40 pm - Final Large Group Reflection

9:00 pm - End

Conference Materials 

Research Links

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