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Charger   CrisisMUN

October 25, 2020




Dear Model United Nations Delegates:


We invite you to the fall 2020 Charger Crisis Model United Nations virtual high school conference. The conference will be held via Zoom by the University of New Haven MUN program on Sunday, October 25, 2020, with the theme: 2020: The Year of Perpetual Crisis.


While this virtual format is new for many, U New Haven MUN has already held a highly successful virtual MUN conference in July of 2020. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we are confident in the product we will put forth. Thus, we expect to uphold the high standards that all ChargerMUN's have produced in the past.


We expect participation from 10-20 high schools and over 100 delegates. Top performing school delegations will receive plaques and outstanding delegates will receive certificates.


The virtual conference will run simulations of two United Nations' committees, including the Security Council and the UN Environment Programme, and discuss a number of crisis situations. Students will work in teams of 3-5 to create, discuss, debate, and negotiate solutions to the crisis situation. Little preparation is necessary since the workshop and crisis briefing will cover everything students need to know.


To Register please click here:

CrisisMUN Registration Link.


Registration is non-binding but will save your spot at Charger CrisisMUN 2020. Early payment will give you priority for country selection. The registration and early payment deadlines are on Monday, October 5, 2020.


If you have any questions or if you would like to set up a zoom meeting with Outreach Director Marissa Lehner, please send an email​​ Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!



Lexi Dorotinsky

Secretary-General, Charger CrisisMUN 2020

Marissa Lehner

Outreach Director, Charger CrisisMUN 2020

Rachel Clavette

Research Director, Charger CrisisMUN 2020

Dr. Chris Haynes

Associate Professor

Political Science & National Security

University of New Haven

Advisory Board Member

Washington D.C. National Model United Nations



Event Details

Date - Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Time - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location - Virtually on Zoom


To Register for CrisisMUN, click here: 

CrisisMUN Registration Link

Registration/Payment deadline: Mon, Oct 5, 2020

Late Payment deadline: Mon, Oct 19, 2020


Student fee: $15 (check) or $18 (credit/debit) per student

Late Payment Student fee: $25 (check) or $28 (credit/debit) per student

School Fee: No Fee

Payment Option 1

Mail Check

- Please make checks payable to:                    "University of New Haven"

- Mailing Address

   Dr. Chris Haynes

   54 South Broad Street, Unit 10

   Milford, CT 06460

Payment Option 2

Credit/Debit Card

- To pay by card, please click on this secure external link: HERE

Contact Info

To inquire or for questions, please email:

Background guides posted on Sept 1, 2020

Conference Layout​

Committee Topics


Theme: 2020: The Year of Perpetual Crisis


Committee 1: Security Council

- Topic: Crisis Surprise

- Committee Director: Rachel Clavette

- Presenter: Isabelle Lupinacci, Keyri Ambrocio


Committee 2: UN Environment Programme

- Topic: Crisis Surprise

Committee Director: Alyssa Cashman

- Presenter: Alissa Davies



Keynote Speakers

- Dr. Howard Stoffer, Associate Professor of

National Security, University of New Haven

Faculty Guides

- Dr. Robert Sanders

- Dr. Olena Lennon



9:00-9:10 - Registration  

9:10-9:50 - Opening ceremonies & keynote speaker

9:50-10:35 - Workshop 

10:35-10:55 - Crisis Briefing  

10:55-11:10 - Country meeting: Identify roles, plan strategy

11:10-11:50 - External meetings: discuss, formulate solutions

11:50-12:00 - Country meeting: Strategy

12:00-12:10 - Formal session: Speeches

12:10-1:00 - External meetings: crafting language, submit 

1:00-1:30 - Lunch in Country groups

1:30-2:10 - External meeting: Addressing edits & resubmit  

2:10-2:25 - Formal session: Speeches

2:25-2:40 - Group meeting: Identify/submit red line issues

2:40-3:50 - Formal session: Discuss/negotiate red line issues

3:50-4:00 - Break

4:00-4:20 - Formal session: Voting bloc

4:20-4:40 - Break

4:40-5:00 - Closing ceremonies and awards 

Committee Materials & Links:

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