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April 13 - 14, 2019



Prato, Italy

Convito Nazionale Cicognini High School



Student registration fee -€60

- Includes lunch on both days, t-shirt, lanyard, placard, pen


Contact Info

For any questions or comments, please               email:

Conference Materials

Dear Italian Delegates,

We are so excited for ItalyMUN in April 2019. Below are more details for the conference. Please email us at if you have any other questions.

Theme: Migration and Culture


Committee Topics



- Protecting and preserving World Heritage Sites 

Security Council:

- Migration into Europe from Libya 


Keynote Speakers



Background Guides
Working Paper Template
Working Paper / Resolution Example
Rules of Procedure
Security Council
Research Handout
Position Papers
ItalyMUN January Workshop Materials
Workshop Schedule
Day 1 Powerpoint
Day 2 Powerpoint
Day 3 Powerpoint
Position Paper Guidelines
Position Paper Example
Topic Importance Speech Template
Topic Importance Example 1
Topic Importance Example 2
Topic Importance Example 3
Problem-Solution Speech Template
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